Form of the Past Progressive

How do we form the Past Progressive?

We use a form of to be (was or were), the infinitive of the verb and the ending –ing.
to be (was or were) + infinitive + -ing
was/were +  Ving
Affirmative sentence
V(be) +  V(ing) + C.
At the time of the robbery, they were staying with my parents. 
Negative sentence

V(be) +  not + V(ing) + C.
My daughter  was not going shopping  when you called me. She…
Yes/no question
V(be) +   V(ing) + C.
Was your head aching again? 
Information question
IW +  V(be) +   V(ing) + C?
Where were your parents driving when  I arrived?  

1. Affirmative sentences in the Past Progressive

  • was playing football.
  • You were playing football.
  • He was playing football.
  • She was playing football.
  • It was playing football.
  • We were playing football.
  • You were playing football.
  • They were playing football.
► Use was with I, he, she, it – and were with all other pronouns.

2. Negative sentences in the Past Progressive

  • was not playing football.
  • You were not playing football.
  • He was not playing football.
  • She was not playing football.
  • It was not playing football.
  • We were not playing football.
  • You were not playing football.
  • They were not playing football.

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